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You will then be able to rate your previous album.
All albums are taken from the classic book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
We keep track of your history and make sure you wont get an album you already listened to.


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Sharing your process and ratings/reviews with others sounds like a great idea!
However in general its a good idea to not give out your project name/address. People could start rating your albums.
Thats what the "Summary"-button at your main page is for. Click it and you will get a link thats perfectly shareable!


I'm running this site as a non-profitable hobby project.
It's not very expensive, but server costs are increasing as the user base is growing.
Every contribution is highly appreciated!
If you decide to contribute, mail me your project name to get a contributor-banner at your summary page.

Rough Trade

I'm a big fan of Rough Trade, so when an opportunity to add links to buy the albums at their website appeared i couldnt say no.
You'll see links to buy your daily record, and if you want to buy a record you've had generated in the past, visit your history page and go to that albums global reviews page and there will be a Rough Trade link.
By using these links you'll help me cover the bills and also support an awesome record store.


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There is a simple JSON API available for anyone who wants to build their own UI.
Read more here.


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