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Purgatory / Paradise

Throwing Muses


Purgatory / Paradise
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Mon Sep 14 2020

I listened to it twice, all the way through, and was transfixed both times. Kristin's soothing voice coupled with amazing background music and fantastic, if sometimes poignant, lyrics make for a lovely album. 32 songs may seem like a lot, but a few of them are divided into separate parts, each part retaining the meaning of the song yet different in a beautiful way. My personal favorite is "Opiates", although "Sunray Venus" is cutting a close second. And although Hersh wrote all of these songs of her own volition - which is a total deviation from her traditional path - they don't lose the Hershiness that her fans love. This album is worth more than they have it up for on here - much, much more - but I'm not complaining!